Important reasons why to hire a Virtual Assistant instead of an employee.

An independent Virtual Assistant is a business owners best friend. A Virtual Assistant provides support services that allow the business owner to focus on improving and growing their business. The right Virtual Assistant should be skilled enough that a business owner wouldn’t have to micromanage or worry if the job is getting done. Although a Virtual Assistant charges more per hour then a traditional employee, you save money in the long run and you pay for quality results completed.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. Employee

  • Professionals available worldwide instead of limited options because you can only choose locals
  • Virtual Assistants work virtually and have their own supplies instead of you having to provide an office space, furniture and supplies
  • Virtual Assistant services are tax-deductible
  • They pay their own taxes and benefits instead of you being responsible to pay overtime, breaks, sick time, taxes, health insurance, etc.
  • They are more dedicated to getting the task done because their hard work and quality results determine their income instead of you having to pay your employee regardless of their efforts to finish the project you assign
  • VA’s are business owners themselves, therefore you can trust them to provide you with stable support while you improve and grow your business instead of micromanaging  just to keep your business running
  • Pay per job completed instead of having to pay your employee whether the job gets done or not

It is obvious that there are more pros to contracting with a Virtual Assistant than hiring a traditional employee. I wouldn’t understand a business owner that would not want a Virtual Assistant by their side. Kaleena Vick’s Virtual Assistant services are available and you can find more information about my services at “Improve your business, improve your life.”


About kaleenavick
I am a Virtual Assistant moving my way up in the virtual business world.

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